Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Good at choosing QUALITY EMOTIONAL

My friends who are entitled to happiness, say this as your sentence itself ...

Almighty Lord of Peace,

I knew that I could not be fully successful erase the bad feelings from my heart.

And also not logical for me to expect only the good feelings that fill my heart.

Therefore, I must memandaikan Emotion in Legal Options, to choose a good quality of emotion as the contents of my heart, so that both grew in my mind, and to thrive in good actions.

If I was obedient to the good in The Law of Emotional Choice, I will be strong because of my good feelings, and not get caught up and dwarfed in a real bad feeling in the meantime.

My God the Merciful,

Today I ask in my efforts to pendampinganMu more excited and happy in life and work, and do not linger to complain in a bad sense, and if I was seized with a bad feeling - I immediately used it to strengthen myself.

Ooh ... what a sight, I imagine myself dancing in the peace of mind, singing in joy, and smiling in life that you scent wangikan with kesurgaan, and that you love Liven with family and friends are honest and faithful.

Lord, do not you keep me from my dreams.

Today, open the door to merit me for a full and continued sustenance, for an intimate and faithful love, to honor the work of others, and for a graceful position in the kingdom.


May be useful

Source : Mario Teguh

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